Cooking Mama: Let's cook!
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The yummy food you'll create will definitely make you hungry!
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Cooking Mama: Let's cook!
A rich and interesting simulation cooking game
There are many ways to educate children, and it is a very good way to simulate cooking through games. This allows children to experience the fun of cooking and even plant something in the game. The experience in the game can well promote children's brain development and thinking, and can also avoid many dangerous occurrences. It is a very smart way to educate children. Cooking Mama Let's Cook! is a cooking simulation game launched by Office Create Corp. In the game, we can experience the whole process of mother cooking. Moreover, the game is also integrated into the game mode of restaurant management, which allows us to experience a wealth of cooking and management fun. In the game, we can perform the process of chopping, cooking, stewing, and other cooking food. We can use simple operations to prepare the ingredients and cook delicious dishes. We can make delicious dishes based on recipes, and even use our imagination to innovate, which is just like real cooking. These can all be achieved in the game, and even the effect will be better. And this game incorporates the gameplay of simulated business. You can entertain all guests with the dishes made in the restaurant, and grow your restaurant by operating it. In addition to these, we can also cultivate all kinds of things on fishing grounds, farms, and ranches. We can also get harvests, and exchange with Happy Foods, becoming a one-stop catering boss.
What are the characteristics of Cooking Mama Let's cook!
As a simulated cooking and business game, Cooking Mama Let's cook! has launched the story creation of the game world with the background of restoring mother's cooking. In the game world, we can restore the entire cooking process. From cutting vegetables, cooking vegetables, and stewing vegetables, every step is very clear. Moreover, in the cooking process, we also need to know the cooking time and the timing of the seasoning, and even the heat. For those who have not cooked, it has very realistic educational significance. The game screen cannot be said to be exquisite, but it still presents the entire game world completely and clearly before our eyes. But the details of this game may not be very good. It is also very interesting to perfect our recipes through continuous cooking. Looking at the delicious recipes for cooking unknowingly will arouse our appetite. In addition to cooking, this game also incorporates business elements. We can entertain our customers with the dishes we cook and continue to grow our shop. In addition to these, it also added a nurturing function. We can grow our vegetables on our farms, such as fishing in the fisheries, raising animals in the pastures. In addition, we can exchange the resources with what we receive. In many senses, the world presented by this game is already very rich. Moreover, it also has more than 30 fun games for us to experience. If you are tired of operating a restaurant, you can play fun games to relax. All in all, this is a very exciting game with rich content. It is very useful to pass our boring time. Even sometimes we feel that playing this game is not enough time.
Do you have to pay for Cooking Mama Let's cook!?
Cooking Mama Let's Cook! is a game that can be downloaded and used for free, but the game also contains some ads and in-app purchase services.
How is user feedback of Cooking Mama Let's cook!?
Up to now, Cooking Mama Let's cook! has reached 50 million+ downloads on the Google Play store, and more than 785,000 people have given a high score of 4.1. According to the data, it is already very good and has won the likes and trust of thousands of users.
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