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Addition and subtraction games to help children learn mathematical skills!
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Little Panda Math Genius - Education Game For Kids
An app that helps children to learn mathematics happily
How to make children win at the starting line is a difficult question for every parent. Counting is the most important part of this difficult problem. As we all know, it is not easy for babies to learn to count. Because arithmetic is boring and difficult to understand, many babies don't like to learn mathematics. Traditional learning methods can no longer satisfy the current diversified learning life, so what methods should we use to make babies fall in love with learning to count? Little Panda Math Genius-Education Game For Kids is an educational application developed by BabyBus to help young children learn arithmetic. This application breaks through the traditional arithmetic teaching method and adopts the method of combining arithmetic and animation which is the baby's favorite. While the baby is counting, you can use animations to simulate calculations on the screen to make boring calculations lively and easier to understand and accept. The well-designed and rich reward mechanism help children to use learning achievements to unlock massive props, fully appreciate the sense of achievement brought by learning, and fall in love with mathematics. It can stimulate children's creativity, imagination, and curiosity, helping them explore the world through mathematics.
What are the characteristics of Little Panda Math Genius-Education Game For Kids?
Little Panda Math Genius-Education Game For Kids is a math App designed for 5+ babies. It is dedicated to letting children learn adds and subtracts easily, and win at the starting line! The difficulty levels are suitable and reasonable, step by step, to ensure that children can master the adds and subtracts within 20. The overall style of the application uses a cartoon theme, and the dubbing is funny and humorous, which is very attractive to babies. The teaching content adopts the click-and-count mode, which is very suitable for beginners in arithmetic, helping babies to easily learn adds and subtracts. It contains three themes that can be changed optionally, ensuring that every baby can find his favorite style. Babies can choose adds and subtracts within 10 or 20 to learn step by step. Moreover, every time they complete arithmetic tasks, they can get gold rewards. They can exchange generous rewards from the virtual store, which plays a very good incentive role. In Little Panda Math Genius-Education Game For Kids, mathematics is no longer an abstract concept, adds and subtracts are no longer a boring task, everything becomes so interesting. It is indeed a very good choice for children to learn adds and subtracts within 10 or 20.
Does Little Panda Math Genius-Education Game For Kids charge?
Little Panda Math Genius-Education Game For Kids is an application that can download for free, but it contains some paid content.
What’s the feedback from users of Little Panda Math Genius-Education Game For Kids?
Up to now, Little Panda Math Genius-Education Game For Kids has reached 5,000,000+ downloads on the Google Play store, and nearly 15,000 people have given a high score of 4.1, which is enough to show that users love and trust it.
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