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Match 3 games - reinvented! Now with online multiplayer!
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Match Masters
A Game That Overturns the Traditional Way of Playing Triple Elimination Games
We are familiar with triple elimination games, this kind of entertainment and leisure games occupy a critical piece of our mobile game kingdom. Most of the traditional games are in stage mode, with different requirements for each level to be eliminated. The difficulty will gradually increase as the levels accumulate. These games often rely on continuous level updates to keep players enthusiastic. But a game overturns the traditional triple elimination gameplay and adopts a more competitive PVP mode. Match Masters is a triple elimination and matchmaking game by Candivore, which inherits the traditional elimination attributes of the game, but instead of levels, it adopts a more competitive multiplayer mode. There is no headless level, no variety of maps, no new and unique decoration, and no intriguing story plot, and the players compete with their opponents every time is the full content of this game. This is a great test of the player's understanding of the game. Specifically, in Match Masters, players can fight one-on-one battles, with only two chances to eliminate in each turn and additional steps for completing four or more blocks to eliminate. It is worth noting that both sides are using the same triple elimination game panel, but different players use different props to eliminate in separate rounds. In other words, to win over the opponent, the player must eliminate more squares themselves and prevent the opponent from eliminating more squares, not giving the opponent any chance to eliminate. This kind of gameplay is full of excitement and thinking, and it can be a test for the player's mind.
What Are the Features of Match Masters?
As a triple elimination game, Match Masters thoroughly implemented the competitive style. The design of this gameplay can be said to have changed the core gameplay of triple elimination to a great extent: players have to think about whether the end of the round will leave an advantage to your opponent while trying to get a high score, and players even need to pay attention to the last step of elimination, to prevent leave advantages for opponents while gaining low scores for themselves. The game also features the ability to play with friends, connect it to Facebook, challenge your friends, and play against them. It can be said that the game is socially accessible. We can achieve a high ranking in the friends' leaderboard if we play well to let everyone know we played the best. For example, you can start with three rounds against a new trainer, and then you can unlock four rounds mode, five rounds mode, and win with the final score. The addition of various game modes makes this game more challenging. Players need to think more deeply: when to use props? What should set of the first and second hand be used? Many games have props, but Match Masters' props have a different design. Each player can carry a skilled prop at the beginning. Each time four or more players eliminate the same color, the skilled prop will be charged with energy. The energy can be actively released when it is complete. With a large number of skills and hundreds of game modes, including teams, challenges and tournaments, all of them allow players to interact directly with others online, either by playing against each other as friends or by having all players around the world team up in the game. It's a challenging game, so to speak, where the world's best triathletes compete, and it's a haven for triathletes to spar and exchange ideas.
Do You Have to Pay for Match Masters?
Match Masters is free to download and use, but some ads and in-app purchases once you enter the game.
What Is the Feedback of Match Masters Users?
Up to now, Match Masters has reached 10,000,000+ downloads on Google Play Store, and nearly 780,000 people have given it a high score of 4.5. It's a great game, statistically, and people love it and trust it.
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