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A funny game with huge amount of spectacular battles
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Art of War: Legions
A spectacular war strategy game
Everyone is familiar with the war strategy game. In this kind of game, we usually win by fighting with the enemy with a grand map, a overwhelming army, and our own tactical formations. This is a very fun puzzle game. It can let us get a great sense of achievement and become a glorious commander in the game. Art of War: Legions is a war strategy game launched by Fastone Games HK. In the game, we will become the commander of a small army corps, taking on different levels of challenge. We can also get extra rewards from bounty missions. This is our army, and we must be responsible for winning the game by any means. The exciting battles in the game are more like a real dance of war, and each time we play the game, we will have a great battle experience. The game includes additional bounty missions that will be unlocked after reaching level 14. We can get precious gems by completing these missions. But it should be noted that some of these tasks are very difficult and require us to perform well to complete them. The game is updated regularly to improve our experience and make the game an incredible way to kill time.
What is special about Art of War: Legions
As a war strategy game, Art of War: Legions performs well in all aspects. In terms of the game interface, the game uses 3D mode. The soldiers made up of various blocks are very enjoyable to watch, and the game scene is relatively simple. But as the level gets more difficult, the number of troops increases, and the scene gets more spectacular. And there are a variety of different map rotation. The viewing is very good. In terms of gameplay, we will lead our army to fight against the enemy. According to the enemy encountered in each level, we should analyze the terrain, the number of the enemy, the weapons used by the enemy and the layout of the enemy to carry out the layout of our own troops. After setting up the formation and clicking start, the two armies begin to engage. We need to win the battle through our own correct strategy. Whether we're even or outnumbered, each game provides us with an enjoyable combat experience, especially in the snow level, where enemies are coming from all directions and we need to keep tight formations against the enemy attack to win. These interesting gameplay is very creative. And the exciting background music makes us more excited. As a war strategy game, the picture and operation of Art of War: Legions are relatively simple. We just need to put all our thoughts on the arrangement of troops, which exercises our thinking to a great extent and reflects its puzzle. As a game, it tends to make the user kill time to a great extent. Art of War: Legions is a great option for users who enjoy strategy games and kill time through games.
Do you have to pay for Art of War: Legions
Art of War: Legions is a free software for downloading. But there are some in-app purchases and ads once you get into the game.
How about the feedback of Art of War: Legions
So far, Art of War: Legions has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the Google Play Store, and more than 840 thousand people give a high score of 4.3. Statistically, it is a great game and people like and trust it very much.
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