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Good health comes first
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A health-oriented app
Good health is our most basic need and beautiful vision for ourselves and our family in life. Perhaps the most unpretentious wish in the world is to be healthy. If you want to keep your body healthy, you need to keep every index of your body within a proper range. We can track various indicators of our body through some applications, and obtain the best plan to adjust through scientific analysis. Renpho is a body composition index tracking and recording app launched by RENPHO. The app can track multiple body composition indicators (BMI, body fat, body water, bone mass, basal metabolism, body age, muscle mass, etc.). The intelligent data analysis and tracking functions of cloud-based applications make it the perfect digital personal assistant for us. It can even convert data stored over time into charts and reports, which can be easily shared via email and multiple social media channels. Most importantly, our entire family can use the app! Renpho helps users to create multiple personal profiles to keep our data separate.
What are the characteristics of Renpho?
As a piece of application belonging to the health category, Renpho is committed to using data. It analyzes the collected data and converts it into icons, allowing users to grasp the changes in various indicators of their bodies. This is an application that integrates recording and analysis. The application page is very concise so that we can get the data we want very clearly. It adopts a white background and green data prompt mode, which makes us very comfortable in visual experience and feeling. It can track multiple body composition indicators including BMI, body fat, body water, bone mass, basal metabolism, body age, muscle mass, etc., which make our physical condition clear at a glance. Moreover, we can obtain the change curve of our physical condition according to its icon report, and control our various indicators within the normal level in a timely and reasonable manner. Moreover, it can bind multiple people. In other words, our family can also use this application. We can obtain the physical index data of the whole family through this application, and protect the health of the whole family. Especially for parents, this is very necessary.
Do you have to pay for Renpho?
Renpho is a free download and uses the application, we can use it for free and unlimited use.
What is the feedback from Renpho users?
Up to now, Renpho’s downloads on the Google Play store have reached 1,000,000+, and thousands of people have given a rating of 4.2. According to the data, it is still very good and has won the love and trust of lots of users.
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