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Be the hero of your very own city as you design and create a beautiful, bustling metropolis.
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SimCity BuildIt
A simulation city game than can develop your imagination
Many people dream that one day they will roam in a dream city of their own. Everything in this city is planned according to their own ideas. It is a city completely belonging to us, and we have to guard it and compete with other cities. It's a nice idea, but it doesn't work in real life. Now, in the game, we can realize it. SimCity BuildIt is a simulation city game published by ELECTRONIC ARTS. It's an open game. We can build our cities the way we want, build skyscrapers, parks, bridges and more. We can position buildings with a strategic view to keep tax revenue growing and the city growing. We need to address real life challenges such as traffic and pollution. Social services such as power plants and police stations are provided. We can use main roads and trams to keep the traffic flowing just like we're actually planning cities in our real life. In this game, we can completely release our imagination, imitate the construction of famous cities in the world or completely build a unique city according to our own ideas. It's not an independent game. We can also cooperate or compete with other cities, exchange resources for common development, launch disasters to attack other cities and so on.
What is special about SimCity BuildIt
As a city simulation game, SimCity BuildIt is very open. In this game, we can completely open our imagination to create a city of our own. In terms of the game screen, the picture quality is very beautiful. It can completely show the prosperity or tranquility of the city to immerse us in the beauty of the city we have built. We could build a Tokyo, London or Paris-style neighborhood in our city and unlock exclusive landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. We can explore new technologies in future cities and compete in stadiums. We can decorate our towns with rivers, lakes and forests and expand cities along beaches or hillsides. We can unlock new geographical areas with unique architectural styles, such as sunny islands or cold fjords. We will always find novel ways to make our towns different. Simple architecture may not be enough for us to enjoy, but it also has our favorite gameplay of aggression. We have to defend the city from monsters in club wars, or compete with other mayors. We can strategically partner with other members of the mayors' club to declare war on other cities. Once the battle begins, we can unleash devastating disasters on our opponents, such as Disco Cyclone and Plant Monster. Each valuable reward can be used in battle or used to improve our cities. In addition, we can challenge other players in the mayoral contest to show the strongest dominance. We can also join the mayors' club, where we can exchange supplies and discuss strategy and available resources with other members. When we collaborate to help others achieve their dreams, they will help us achieve ours. Expanding the city, working together and leading other mayors will make our city alive!
Do you have to pay for SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt is a free game for downloading. But there are some ads and in-app purchases in the game.
How about the feedback of SimCity BuildIt
So far, SimCity BuildIt has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Google Play Store and more than 5.272 million people give a high score of 4.3. Statistically, it is a relatively great game that multiple users like and trust.
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