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PAC-MAN introduces Story Mode!
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A sentimental classic Pac-Man arcade game
Everyone is familiar with Pac-Man. This arcade game from 1980 was the youth of a generation. Now, even if many people have not played the game, they are familiar with the name or the classic image of the game. Today, the classic image of an elf eating a bean with its mouth wide open remains in our memory. PAC-MAN is a classic Pac-Man arcade mobile game launched by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. This game perfectly restores the style of the classic old arcade game. We could manipulate our little yellow elf to walk through the maze to constantly eat small beans and avoid ghosts. We'll lose the game if we meet a ghost. It's a very playable game. We can embark on an exciting journey, experience various mazes with new obstacles and energy improvement, try to eat all the pac-dots and avoid disgusting ghosts. We can also unlock, repair and customize new arcade cabinets to create the best neighborhood arcade. PAC-MAN is a retro arcade game we are familiar with and love and It's better now than ever in terms of playability.
What is special about PAC-MAN
As a retro arcade game, PAC-MAN inherits most of the fans' feelings. Visually, it's very retro. The style of the old arcade can well make our games fun. The game can directly take us back to the arcade era with classic and fun sound effects. In the new mobile game, the gameplay is more abundant. We also need to control the gamepad button at the bottom of the screen and control our sprites to move through the maze, try to eat all the beans and avoid pesky ghosts, a bit like Snake. The game includes hundreds of original mazes. New and unique obstacles allow us to enjoy the game better and new Power-Ups will enhance our game experience. We can also customize skin to multiply the fun. We can decorate Pac-Man, ghosts, joysticks, etc. We can also get exclusive skins for completing time-limited themed activities in adventure mode. And there are weekly tournament maze challenges where we need to score high and get on the leaderboard. We also have to compete in three difficulty levels at our own pace and demonstrate our super skills. All in all, as a sentimental arcade game, PAC-MAN conforms to our modern perception of a good game both in terms of playability and game setting, and it is a game worth playing for everyone.
Do you have to pay for PAC-MAN
PAC-MAN is a free game for downloading. But there are some ads and in-app purchases.
How about the feedback of PAC-MAN
So far, PAC-MAN has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Google Play Store and more than 872 thousand people give a high score of 4.1. Statistically, it is a relatively great game that multiple users like and trust.
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