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Tower Craft 3D | Tower Build | Building Tycoon
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Stack blocks to build the highest skyscraper in the world from a tiny tower!
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Tower Craft - Block Building
An interesting block building game
Many people are amazed by the buildings soaring into the sky, but many people do not know how these buildings are built step by step, nor how they are designed and what materials are used. Many of these questions make us curious, and sometimes we even want to try them for ourselves. We can satisfy our curiosity by simulating construction games. Tower Craft - Block Building is a block building game by CASUAL AZUR GAMES. This is a very pure game, because in this game, we just need to securely build our tower, use our brains to let our tower or building soar into the sky layer by layer and build the world's tallest tower. The purpose of the block building game is to stack blocks, get into the construction business and build the world's tallest skyscraper. We need to build little towers at the beginning of the game, build them up and make them great landmarks. In the game, we will be the best architects of placement, build buildings that reach the sky and even go into space or Mars.
What is special about Tower Craft - Block Building
As a 3D block building game, Tower Craft - Block Building can bring us pure architectural delight. In terms of the game screen, the scene of this game is not so big. We just build a building on an island and accumulate blocks with a sense of pixels. However, when we carefully build our building through blocks one by one, the visual impact will be very strong. Every tower or building embodies the player's creativity. In this block building game, we manage a lot of things. We need to decide which parts to buy for our towers, which materials to use for our buildings and which upgrade plan to use for our skyscrapers. We also need to manage cash and make decisions, and our skyscrapers will be improved with every click. And we are able to choose the appearance of our buildings and design each floor of our skyscrapers by ourselves. It's a gradual process. We will experience every detail of building a building, stacking blocks and building unique, amazing and fantastic skyscrapers from small towers. We will build the highest block building and earn the most money in this game. Various upgrades will help us speed up the building and improve the effect of the block building when clicked.  The higher our building, the higher our game score. The 3D game screen and every hands-on detail let us build our own unique tallest building.
Do you have to pay for Tower Craft - Block Building
Tower Craft - Block Building is a free game for downloading. But there are some ads and in-app purchases in the game.
How about the feedback of Tower Craft - Block Building
So far, Tower Craft - Block Building has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Google Play Store and more than 182 thousand people give a score of 4.5. Statistically, it is a relatively great game that multiple users like and trust.
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