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The Tribez Build A Village | Village Adventure | Build Adventure
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A farm adventure in a Stone Age village: Enjoy it together with your family!
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The Tribez: Build a Village
An interesting simulation game
In this fast-paced life, it seems that it is difficult for us to make our impetuous mind calm down, but we can play some casual games to change our mind and give our mind a holiday, which is very good for our physical and mental health. The Tribez: Build a Village is a tribal village simulation game by Game Insight. We don't need to connect the game to the Internet all the time and only need to verify the account. It is a relatively casual and slow pace game, which requires a certain amount of patience and time. It's not only just a game, but also a legendary journey. It will take us on a mysterious journey into the past, immersing us for hours in an unknown, beautiful and fascinating world.
What is special about The Tribez: Build a Village
As a tribal village simulation game, it takes us into a new and unknown world. In terms of the game screen, the bright color of the game can bring us a strong appeal. The game presents a primitive tribe in the style of anime with a bit of mystery and funny elements. In the game, we are invited to an ancient and mysterious village where a group of peace-loving people live. But they have been hidden behind a portal miles deep from time immemorial. The people of our tribe think that we are God's messengers. We will build our villages in the Stone Age, open up land hidden by mountains and seas and lead our tribe to prosperity. The pace of the game is through a series of construction to ensure that the humble mud houses of the town are gradually replaced by beautiful and spectacular buildings. There are advanced factories, schools and even theaters. This fascinating city also offers a host of interesting tasks and aid. Every detail is explained in detail. We can also help the surrounding tribal leaders, develop the economy, tame the dinosaurs, develop new lands and put down roots with our tribal members. It will give us a very real feeling, as if we really live here. Moreover, the game also contains some small games and stories to make our game experience richer and bring us an immersive feeling.
Do you have to pay for The Tribez: Build a Village
The Tribez: Build a Village is a free game for downloading. But there are some ads and in-app purchases in the game.
How about the feedback of The Tribez: Build a Village
So far, The Tribez: Build a Village has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Google Play Store and more than 2.248 million people give a high score of 4.4. Statistically, it is a relatively great game that multiple users like and trust.
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