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Tom | Super Hero | Talking Tom
Outfit7 Limited
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Talking Tom must race to save his friends and stop The Rakoonz.
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Talking Tom Hero Dash
A fun running game
As one of the most popular game types, running games have always been the first choice for many players' entertainment. Regardless of their unique gameplay or fun game experience, running games are very entertaining. As one of the most popular game types, the competition among running games is very fierce. Now, our Tomcat didn’t just learn from us, and started to join the running army! Talking Tom Hero Dash is a running game launched by Outfit7 Limited. This is a running racing game with the theme of Talking Tom. It adopts an exquisite cartoon style and a fun way through the barriers. Players need to control Tom cat's flexible positioning, collect gold coins, and props to deal with a series of levels. This is a relatively simple game to operate, but if you want to play this game well, you need to contact and increase your understanding of the game. The content of this game is very interesting, along the way there will be members of the raccoon gang to stop us from moving forward. Whether they are funny movements or hideous expressions, they will make us laugh. In this way, although racing will make us very exciting and fun, this game still adds a lot of funny elements. We can not only harvest interesting gaming experiences but also save unhappy moods.
What are the characteristics of Talking Tom Hero Dash?
As a running game, Talking Tom Hero Dash is very unique. On the game screen, it is still our most popular anime style, which can bring us a good visual experience. The gameplay is similar to traditional running games, all of which require sliding the screen to control the left and right movement, jumping, and rolling of our characters. While running, collecting gold coins along the way allows us to get better scores. We can also use gold coins to buy brand-new characters. In this game, collecting characters is also the most fulfilling thing. Unlocking more interesting characters can make our game experience happier. Beating the raccoon gang is a highlight of our running journey. In addition to collecting gold coins and avoiding obstacles, we can also fight with raccoons to get extra rewards. Fighting with the raccoon boss can unlock Talking Angela and Talking Hank. Throughout the game world, we can travel through awesome scenes, fight raccoons, among skyscrapers, beside tropical beaches, and in Chinese-style villages. We can also perform exciting skills. Each running world has its unique characteristics. Jumping between the roofs, swinging on the crane, running on the cruise ship, and then jumping on the floats are not only fun but also very exciting. Rescue and reconstruction are major features of this game. In the game world, raccoons are destroying and polluting the world, so we aim to drive them away. So that we can rebuild and clean up. Once each location is determined, it's time to face the raccoon boss. Defeat him and you can enter the next world of running. In general, this is a relatively good running game. Although there is not much difference in operation, it creates a relatively complete and interesting game background story and different game themes. We will unlock a lot of new things in the challenge after challenge, which is very attractive for us.
Do you have to pay for Talking Tom Hero Dash?
Talking Tom Hero Dash is a game that can download and use for free. The game also contains some advertisements and purchases of goods in the game store.
What’s the feedback from Talking Tom Hero Dash users?
Up to now, Talking Tom Hero Dash has reached 100 million+ downloads on the Google Play store, and more than 1.165 million people have given a high score of 4.2. According to the data, it is already very good and has won the love and trust of users all over the world.
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