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Jump, spin and smash your way into the sky as you battle Dr. Eggman with Sonic and his friends!
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Sonic Jump Pro
A passionate arcade jumping game
For a generation, Sonic is the mark of an era. Many people grew up playing the Sonic series of games in their childhood. The fastest hedgehog in the world has become the memory of generations. The games of the Sonic series are also emerging one after another. But its theme is still running. Today, in this game, Sonic will no longer run, but it will become a hedgehog who likes to jump. Sonic Jump Pro is an arcade jumping mobile game launched by SEGA. In this game, Sonic no longer runs like lightning, but constantly jumps to the top of the sky. Although its gameplay has changed, the sense of speed is still very strong. Sonic kept jumping up with the help of the stairs under his feet, avoiding attacks and obstacles along the way, and it couldn't fall. Every time you jump, you can feel the things around you swish past your side, and that feeling is still very refreshing and exciting. This game is divided into story mode and arcade mode. In the story mode, through 48 diversified levels, we need to stop the evil conspiracy of Dr. Egghead. In arcade mode, we need to challenge infinite heights and keep zero mistakes. We can try where we can jump the highest, and constantly challenge our jumping limits. Whether it's driven by the way the game is played or memory, Sonic always has a reason for us to like it.
What are the characteristics of Sonic Jump Pro?
As an arcade mobile game, Sonic Jump Pro brings a new face to the players. The game screen is still a familiar style, but the gameplay has some changes. Although Sonic no longer runs wildly in this game, the infinite jump still maintains that speed and excitement. Sonic Jump Pro inherits the simple operating style of the Sonic series all the time. What we should do is shake the phone through gravity induction and let Sonic step on the elastic lawn to jump up until the end. In addition to traditional rewards and props along the way, there are also various obstacles and enemies to stop us from jumping. Sonic will die if we run into these obstacles or let the enemy attack and don't have the golden ring protector on our body. Of course, when Sonic curls up into a hedgehog ball, he can ignore these monsters and smash them to pieces. This is also the attack technique we need to use in the BOSS battle. In the game, we don't need to think too much and hesitate, we can make rampaging and pass fast as our first goal. When jumping upwards, it is important to predict where you will stay. But it does not require us to think twice. It is the most effective to jump directly up without everything. In addition, the high score evaluation is based on three points. They are the clearance time, the number of gold coins eaten, and the use of as few springboards as possible. If you want to get a high score, the quick clearance method mentioned above will naturally not work, but you can get familiar with the difficulty of the level by priority clearance, and you can easily get a high score by playing several times to improve your skills. In addition to breaking through levels, this game also added an arcade mode. We can jump up infinitely in a game, and there is no end to the jump. We should always keep our attention and continue to challenge the highest point. This experience is very refreshing.
Do you have to pay for Sonic Jump Pro?
Sonic Jump Pro is a game that needs to be paid for. The game also contains some advertisements and purchases of goods in the game store.
What is the feedback from Sonic Jump Pro users?
So far, the download volume of Sonic Jump Pro in the Google Play store has reached 100,000+, and nearly 10,000 people have given a high score of 4.2. According to the data, it is already very good and has won the likes and trust of many users.
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