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Protect your phone against viruses and other potential threats with Shield Launcher
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Shield - App Lock & Antivirus: Privacy Home Screen
Give your phone a security lock
Nowadays, the problems of identity theft and information leakage are inevitable, and our information security often has no reliable guarantee. If the problem of information leakage appeared, it is likely to cause a lot of trouble. So, how can we protect our mobile phone privacy well? Shield-App Lock & Antivirus: Privacy Home Screen is a mobile phone security application developed by Bacchus Media. It is like a lock that locks and hides our applications and protects our phones from mobile phone viruses and malware. In addition, it can keep our cell phone notifications confidential. These features are likely to add a layer of protection to our mobile phones, and only those who know the password can open it and access the applications that are locked by it. This can well protect our important data and private information.
What are the characteristics of Shield-App Lock & Antivirus: Privacy Home Screen?
As a mobile phone security application, Shield-App Lock & Antivirus: Privacy Home Screen protects our mobile phone data to the greatest extent. It can lock or hide any application on the phone, using Shield Launcher 2021 to protect our privacy. We only need to assign a password and set a fingerprint to protect our mobile devices and encrypt the information in our mobile apps. Never worry about being peeked at or stolen. For example, many common daily applications that we install on our devices store very sensitive information, such as photos, personal data, or financial information. Most of these applications do not require a password or security PIN to open, so they are vulnerable to attacks. Or, we have some private content that we don't want to be seen by others. Without some encryption processing, our family, friends, or children will easily see this content when playing on our mobile phones. Use Shield-App Lock & Antivirus: Privacy Home Screen to encrypt our mobile applications or information, and we will become the sole controller of this information. In general, the most important functions of Shield-App Lock & Antivirus: Privacy Home Screen are that you can use an antivirus cleaner to protect your Android from online viruses and malware threats to keep it safe. You can also hide our application, not so easily seen by others, and encrypt our mobile phone data to prevent our information from leaking. Such a secure function can be completed with a simple operation.
Do you have to pay for Shield-App Lock & Antivirus: Privacy Home Screen?
Shield-App Lock & Antivirus: Privacy Home Screen is a free application, we can use it for unlimited free.
Shield-App Lock & Antivirus: Privacy Home Screen user feedback
Up to now, the number of downloads of Shield-App Lock & Antivirus: Privacy Home Screen in the Google Play store has reached 100,000+, and many users use it to protect their mobile phones and have received a 4.5-star rating.
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