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Stem a zombie attack on your yard with the help of powerful plants!
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Plants vs.Zombies FREE
A strategic game that never gets old
Plants vs.Zombies FREE is a strategic game that always make players feel fresh. For over ten years since its debut, it has been tested by numerous players over a long period of time. Every time when it updated, it would leave players with an indelible impression. It brings players with sooth and comfortable playing experience with its unique painting style, diverse choices for different strategies and interesting game plots. People of all age groups are able to play this game thanks to its easy operation. I have to say that Plants vs.Zombies FREE is so remarkable among all kinds of games.
What is Plants vs.Zombies FREE?
Plants vs Zombies game FREE is a tower defense game developed and published by PopCap Games. The story is about a massive horde of living-dead that try to invade the player’s home. The player’s task is to prevent them from entering the house. To do this, the player needs to strategically place the herbs along the path. The controls of Plants vs Zombies Windows version are simple, you just use your mouse only to play it. The basic idea of free Plants vs Zombies tower-defense game is to use a variety of herbs and undead to protect the home from incoming living-dead. When the final horde of living-dead is killed, the player win the game.
This game keeps pace with times.
During that period of time when computers were just widely spread, Plants vs.Zombies FREE witnessed young people’s childhood for generations. Players chose the suitable herbs in the Crazy Dave’s shop and began placing them in the land. At the very beginning, we can only place basic pants like peashooters or sunflowers. As the gameplay progresses the undead will get tougher and the weapons the player can use will get more powerful. Players hardly feels tension or nervous but more often they would relaxed by the funny story. If the player make a mistake and fail to prevent those living-dead from entering the house, this game would start over. Players will never feel down because the game can start over and over again. The biggest feature of this game is the exploration of new paths. Each new path has different herbs and zombies, which largely stimulates players’ desire to play. Almost all players would choose to pass all games. Those who were not able to do so can place the documents on file so that they can continue their exploration some day in the future. Plants vs.Zombies FREE has gained support from a large number of fans around the world with its funny story and easy control.
A unique artistic design
Plants vs.Zombies FREE successfully amused many players by its funny cartoons.
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