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Chop, chop, chop - perfect!
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Perfect Slices
Cut vegetable and score
Perfect Slices is a game that simulates cutting vegetables. Players need to get more points to breakthrough. You need to control a chopper in the game. You should control the screen to choose speed. There will be a steady stream of fruits and vegetables on the conveyor belt, and all you can do is the slice. The smaller the thickness, the greater the hope of winning at Perfect Slices. The scene style of the game is very beautiful and it is a very interesting challenging experience.
Creative play
Players can try various vegetable cutting skills in the game. It is also full of creativity in gameplay. Your ability to recognize output will become stronger and stronger. There are hundreds of levels set by the game. As the difficulty continues to increase, you will get more and more points. Many tasks in the game are randomly designed. You can see how everyone's slicing skills are, and whether the thickness of each slice is the same. In the end, the game is based on the score to determine the elements of the level. You face so many dangers that you will cut your fingers if you are not careful.
Easy to play
Perfect Slices is very convenient to operate, and the gameplay is very simple. No matter what it is, as long as it is placed on the table, just use your finger to cut it. However, you should cut as perfectly as possible. Otherwise, the imperfect cut will cause the item to fall to the ground and the game is over.
Excellent game scenes
Perfect Slices has a fresh and simple scene. It is real and perfect. It has refreshing color matching and three-dimensional prop modeling. When the knife is cut off, the juice of the dish bursts out with a real effect, bringing the player a real feeling.
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