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Better Life - Color and Draw
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So relaxing color by number game, I can't stop playing it!
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Paint By Number - Coloring Book & Color by Number
A number coloring game to light up life
In our busy life, each of us face all kinds of anxiety every day. Most of the time, we don't know how to adjust ourselves, which is very disturbing. With the popularity of number colouring games, it seems that we have found a perfect way to adjust our mood. Through a variety of beautiful coloring pages, We can simply fill in the colors according to the numbers to create a beautiful artwork that can instantly heal our hearts. Coloring By Number-Coloring Book & Color By Number is a number coloring game by Better Life-Color and Draw. In the game, we can choose a large number of colored pages with various pattern lines, and then fill them with the corresponding color according to the number on the pattern. We may see a plain color card at first, but when we finish the last color block, a perfect work of art will instantly light up our eyes. We will marvel at the color and the expressive force of the painting and our mood will be released. This is an art drawing game where we can share our masterpieces with friends and family to enjoy the surprise of color together.
What is special about Paint By Number - Coloring Book & Color by Number
Paint By Number is an art drawing game, a number color drawing and coloring puzzle game. Filling in charming coloring pages with colors of number coloring game and drawing new images by numbers is a very easy and relaxing way to play. The game contains dozens of number coloring categories for selection, such as animals, love, puzzles, figures, flowers, mandala, etc. Its biggest charm is that we never know how amazing the image is before we finish it. The motivation will keep us filling in the image, which will not disappoint us in the end. How to use numbers to color the image in the game? We just need to select an image. Then, we can click the corresponding coloring unit according to the coloring number of the palette to color the image. It tests our patience and ability to appreciate art. Each time we fill in a color module, we will be more cheerful with the painting. The finished images can also be shared with friends or used as wallpapers. This is a secret garden of our hearts, and we will gain more surprise and satisfaction from the coloring. Its real charm is also only understood by those who really try.
Do you have to pay for Paint By Number - Coloring Book & Color by Number
Paint By Number - Coloring Book & Color by Number is a free software for downloading. But there are some in-app purchases and ads once you get into the game.
How about the feedback of Paint By Number - Coloring Book & Color by Number
So far, Paint By Number - Coloring Book & Color by Number has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Google Play Store, and more than 1.5 million people give a super high score of 4.7. Statistically, it is a great game and people like and trust it very much.
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