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Measure & track your pulse and keep your heart healthy.
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Heart Rate Monitor Pulse Checker: BPM Tracker
A thoughtful heart rate monitoring app
Heart rate is a window that reflects our physical health. Any condition in our body will be reflected through the heart rate. In this case, to better understand our physical condition, monitoring heart rate is a very effective method. However, most heart rate monitoring requires the assistance of many external devices, which increases the cost. Therefore, it has become the expectation of many people to directly detect our heart rate through mobile phone software. Heart Rate Monitor Pulse Checker: BPM Tracker is a heart rate monitoring application developed by Fitness Lab. Through it we can easily monitor our heart rate at any time, heart rate or pulse is an important indicator of health and fitness. This app is quite accurate for our heart rate monitoring. It mainly diagnoses our heart and pulse rate. The heartbeat will change according to changes in the body, and any activity we do will affect our heart rate. Therefore, we should frequently measure the heart rate, and determine whether we are in a healthy condition by comparing the change of the heart rate with the normal heart rate. It will teach us how to maintain a normal heart rate and always control the first dynamic of our body changes.
What are the characteristics of Heart Rate Monitor Pulse Checker: BPM Tracker?
As a heart rate monitoring app, Heart Rate Monitor Pulse Checker: BPM Tracker is more convenient to use because it does not require external equipment and can monitor our heart rate using only a mobile phone. In use, we only need to put our fingers close to the camera and stay for a while, which will measure our heart rate. We need to determine our state such as sitting, standing, running, and sleeping, and then save it. So that it will give our BPM chart. It will also track our progress and maintain its adaptability. We can also add the LED flash to this application. Its main functions include measuring our heart rate, measuring our heartbeat, identifying different body states sitting, standing, and running, etc., giving us complete calorie details. It will graphically represent our heart rate changes in various states. However, since it is not bound to a more accurate heart rate measurement device, there will still be some errors in the measurement. In general, this app is very convenient and practical to use, and it is very suitable for most people to measure their heart rate. If it is used to measure it more accurately, there are still some cons.
Do you have to pay for Heart Rate Monitor Pulse Checker: BPM Tracker?
Heart Rate Monitor Pulse Checker: BPM Tracker is a free download and uses the application, but there will be some advertisements and in-app purchase services after entering the app.
What is the feedback from Heart Rate Monitor Pulse Checker: BPM Tracker users?
Up to now, Heart Rate Monitor Pulse Checker: BPM Tracker has reached 1,000,000+ downloads on the Google Play store, and thousands of people have given a score of 3.1. According to the data, it still needs to make some great improvements to gain the trust of users.
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