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Hungry Shark World
A crazy shark predator game
Many people have played the game like big fish eating small fish in their childhood. In the underwater world, the natural rule of the weak eating the strong is being obeyed. We watched the fish grow up eating constantly. This type of game is also very similar to the Snake series. However, these games can only be used for leisure purposes, it is difficult to arouse the appetite of the players. However, now Hungry Shark World, an evolutionary version of big fish eating small fish, has appeared, and it has attracted many players' hearts as soon as it went online. Hungry Shark World is an arcade game launched by Ubisoft Entertainment. We can also call it a fish game. But now it can not only eat fish, as long as our shark is strong enough. Anything in the game can become its food, even humans and airplanes. The exquisite textures make the game has lots of imagery feel, and the appropriate sound effects make the game feel more immersive. Moreover, its details are also very delicate. For example, people will continue to bleed after being bitten by a shark, the map distribution is more reasonable, and the closeness to reality enhances the sense of substitution. It adds a task system, and treasure chests make the game more challenging and purposeful. The degree of freedom of the game is also very high. For example, a shark can rush ashore, and even a mechanical shark can fly into the sky to eat an airplane in the later stage and so on. You can also play the game through local data saving if you disconnect from the network. This is a game that can completely release yourself, but you still need to grow slowly in the early stage of the game, otherwise, it is easy to be eaten by other fish. In the later stage, when you get a high-level shark, you can do whatever you want.
What are the characteristics of Hungry Shark World?
As a classic arcade game, Hungry Shark World has created its characteristics. The 3D game screen is very beautiful, perfectly portraying the scene of the underwater world. Moreover, its details are also very in place, allowing us to experience the thrill of big fish eating small fish very realistically during the game. The operation of this game is also very simple, we only need to drag the wheel on the left side of the screen to control the actions of our shark. There is a button on the right side of the screen. Click it to start a shark charge and eat the prey ahead. The whole game contains a total of 38 sharks. We can choose from 8 sharks of different sizes, which includes the iconic ocean predator great white shark. You can even get a mechanical shark. With the mechanical shark, you can almost reach an invincible state, and there are almost no opponents in the ocean. You can even walk on land and eat targets in the sky. Especially its unique trick, atomic breath, can destroy all creatures in front of it. This is a very open game. In the early stage, we need to do tasks honestly to get rewards to unlock more things, upgrade our shark, and enhance its various attributes. In many cases, defeating the strong with the weak, and launching a surprise attack on a target larger than us is also a great practice. This game contains more than 20 different types of missions, including high score challenges, prey hunting, and epic boss battles. We no longer eat aimlessly in the ocean but do everything purposefully. This experience is very good. All in all, this is a very good game, although the gameplay may be a bit single, adventure in the underwater world is also a very exciting thing. All in all, this is a very good game, although the gameplay may be a bit single, adventure in the underwater world is also a very exciting thing.
Do you have to pay for Hungry Shark World?
Hungry Shark World is a game that can be downloaded and used for free, but the game also contains some advertising and in-app purchase services.
What is the feedback from Hungry Shark World users?
Up to now, the download volume of Hungry Shark World in the Google Play store has reached 100 million+, and more than 1.971 million people have given a super high score of 4.6. According to the data, it is already very good and has won the love and trust of users all over the world.
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