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Save the hostage! Use the Helicopter's maximum Firepower to Destroy the enemies
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Helicopter Escape 3D
An Exciting and Fun Shooting Game
The shooting game is a modern game genre. Players get the joy and excitement of shooting through simulated battlefields, and almost no one can refuse a fun shooting game. Shooting games are also the favorite of most boys, which makes shooting games indispensable. Helicopter Escape 3D is a shooting game launched by SayGames Ltd and is a single-player game. The game is not set up to be a grand production but rather to kill our boredom in an intense with exciting gameplay. The game is relatively fast-paced. In the game, we play a variety of guns and weapons in the helicopter to rescue the hostages. The hostages will be running to us from afar, we need to rescue hostages, shoot enemies and cover the hostages' retreat, and finally, the hostages jumped on our plane to be saved, which means players win. In terms of gameplay, the righteous plot, short game time, and exciting gameplay are very much in line with the taste of most players, and it is a great choice to spend time when you are bored.
What Are the Features of Helicopter Escape 3d?
As a 3D shooting game, Helicopter Escape 3D is highly entertaining. The background of the game is in a city building or street, which is very modern. The character modeling may not be perfect or realistic, but the simplicity of the characters also highlights the casual nature of the game, which can be better for entertainment. A variety of explosive effects and weapon effects in the form of cartoons show the gun battle scene, especially when the hostage jumped on the plane at the end of the game, which will give us a solid sense of accomplishment. In terms of the gameplay, we play as the rescuer to save hostages out of justice, we're equipped with a variety of weapons, in the helicopter, we cover the hostages to escape, due to the 3D screen plus we are in the third perspective, so we can shoot at the enemy as we wish, in the case of too many enemies, we can throw bombs or burst oil barrels to destroy them all, but the bomb can not blow up the hostages, during which the enemy will attack us, we have to take out the enemy who attacked us first. Failing to rescue the hostages or die will be seen as a game failure, and we need to start again. Regarding the game props, we can get a variety of gun equipment and helicopters through the game. By upgrading them, we can harm our enemies on greater damage to rescue the hostages quicker. Kit includes pistols, rifles, shotguns, SMGs and even rocket launchers. This makes our gameplay and content richer and allows us to have a better gaming experience.
Do You Have to Pay for Helicopter Escape 3D?
Helicopter Escape 3D is a free download to use, but there are some ads and in-app purchases once you enter the app.
What is the Feedback from Helicopter Escape 3D Users?
Up to now, Helicopter Escape 3D has reached 10,000,000+ downloads on the Google Play store, and more than 67,000 people have given it a score of 4.4. From the data, it is a good game and has gained a lot of players' love and trust.
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